Radio Chatter

“Thanks for the great service guys.  I’m amazed you were able to read my writing! I’ll definitely recommend you to everyone I fly with.  Keep up the good work.”  —Gary, A320, 12,000 hrs

“I have been looking to digitize my logbook for years now but the thought of actually sitting down for countless hours and transcribing it myself was unbearable. I was so happy when I came across Logbook Genesis and even happier still when I received the finished product. Not only did they transcribe my logbook perfectly and accurately but they also corrected a few mistakes I had made over the years. They even managed to decipher my chicken scratch remarks column where I had made notes about memorable flights over the years. I am beyond satisfied with this service and now have piece of mind knowing I have a professional copy with backup worthy of any interview.” —Ian, B737 NG

Please Note, The Digital Conversion Service is no longer being offered at this Time. Only the Logbook Binder and printing are Available