The Process!


Process Bubbles

Other service ask you to mail in your logbook, why take the risk?

At Logbook genesis, we understand that sending your logbook in the mail isn't going to happen, and it makes complete sense, scanners are replaceable whereas your logbooks are not. We take all the risk in this process, all you need to do is select the service you want, within a week you will receive your scanning kit. Scan your logbook and send back the scanner using the included prepaid shipping label.

And now this is where the magic happens!

Once we receive your scanner package, it will be transformed into digital format, processed with our algorithms and macros, passed through our redundancy checks, and within a couple of weeks your finished product arrives.

We also offer on site scanning in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. We will gladly meet up with you and scan your logbook while you wait!



1.Select your product and pay  →

 This can be as simple as just having your logbook digitized, or as complete as receiving a full printed version in a personalized leather binder


2.Scan and Return! →

Once you receive your package, simply follow the instructions to scan your logbook, place the scanner back in the package and send out using the prepaid shipping labels.

3.Receive Your Finished Product! √

within 2-3 weeks you will receive your ordered product. Wether it is just a digital version of your logbook, or a complete printed version in a personalized  logbook 

Please Note, The Digital Conversion Service is no longer being offered at this Time. Only the Logbook Binder and printing are Available