How do I know if my pages scanned properly?

The scanner will flash red if you are scanning too fast. simply stop and rescan the page you are on.

What if you can’t read my handwriting?

We will consult with you should we have any questions regarding your handwriting, also, we don’t mind doing a little polishing should it be required after the product has been delivered.

How do you do your Quality Assurance?

We use our own algorithms and macros to double and triple check for errors, however the end result depends on the legibility of your handwriting and the quality of the scan.We work with you should there be any questions, in order to deliver a quality product.

Cant I use my own scanner or camera?

Of course you can! if you have your own scannerĀ  or camera and would like to use it rather than have us send you a scanner, simply upload your file at the time of payment and use coupon MyScan to receive a 25$ discount.

How does onsite scanning work?

It’s simple, we will come meet with you at a convenient location, and scan your document in front of you, payment for this type of service can be made when we meet. If you are interested in onsite scanning in your area, send us an email using the contact form.

Why can’t I send you my logbook by mail?

Yikes! well if you really want to, we can arrange that, however you would bear any responsibility if it got lost in the mail.

How long does it take to scan a logbook?

For a logbook with between 7000-8000 it take 20-30 min

How does it work?

Its quite simple!

  1. Select your service online
  2. Receive your package
  3. scan your logbooks
  4. use prepaid label to return your package
  5. in 2 -3 weeks receive your finished product

What if I don’t return the scanner?

well, it would be hard for us to convert your logbook without having a scanned copy.

What countries do you serve?

We serve all countries, however at this time we are only able to send out the scanners to Canada and the USA, if you live anywhere else please send us an email using our contact form, and well direct you to the best way to get your data to us.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, as long as we haven’t ship out your scanner package, you can cancel for a complete refund, however we are pretty efficient and that package will be in the mail asap! Once the package has shipped out and within 15 days of shipping, should you want to cancel you order, simply return the package using the prepaid label. You will get a refundĀ  minus 50$

Please Note, The Digital Conversion Service is no longer being offered at this Time. Only the Logbook Binder and printing are Available