About Us

Logbook Genesis was founded by two friends and like minded individuals. Alex, an airline jet captain, and Gordon, an entrepreneur and avid private pilot. Both had recently converted to electronic logbooks and were praising the ease of use and functionality of them, but they were unable to unlock the full potential of their new digital logbooks, one hurdle remained.

What do you do with the thousands of hours already logged in paper form? sitting down and transferring them to excel or inputting them into the logbook program of choice seemed daunting and discouraging. Together they put their minds to solve their issue and along the way concluded that this must be a stumbling block to all pilots converting to electronic logbooks, Logbook Genesis was born to help unleash the power and potential of your Logbook.

Please Note, The Digital Conversion Service is no longer being offered at this Time. Only the Logbook Binder and printing are Available