The Project

Logbook Genesis was founded by two friends and like minded individuals. Alex, an airline jet captain, and Gordon, an entrepreneur and avid private pilot. Both had recently converted to electronic logbooks and were praising the ease of use and functionality of them, but they were unable to unlock the full potential of their new digital logbooks, one hurdle remained.

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Transform your logbook into something special

Next to your license, Your logbook is probably your most important document. Not only is it a legal responsibility to keep but it is also memories of layovers or spectacular flights, ugly red eyes and approach to minimums, it is your career from a-z. Have you thought about what you would do if you lost it? We have and we don’t want you to have to go through it.

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It's quite simple!

Process Bubbles

Other services ask you to mail in your logbook. Why take the risk?

At Logbook genesis, we understand that sending your logbook in the mail isn’t going to happen, and it makes complete sense, scanners are replaceable whereas your logbooks are not. We take all the risk in this process, all you need to do is select the service you want, within a week you will receive your scanning kit. Scan your logbook and send back the scanner using the included prepaid shipping label and then within a couple of weeks your finished product arrive.

We also offer on site scanning in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. We will gladly meet up with you and scan your logbook while you wait!

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Friends in the industry!


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Logbook Software for MAC and Iphone/Ipad

LogTen Pro



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Pilot Logbook Software



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Please Note, The Digital Conversion Service is no longer being offered at this Time. Only the Logbook Binder and printing are Available